● E-Invoice

● E-Archive

● E-Waybill

● E-Voucher

● E-Ledger

● E-Producer

We offer fast, practical and precise solutions in e-transactions. Our top up fees are reasonable.


● Trendyol

● Hepsiburada

● N11

● Gittigidiyor


It works in full integration with the above stores. Creating a new product, changing the existing product, updating the quantity and price, closing the products for sale, transferring orders are done together with ERP.

B2B (Business To Business)

● Order Management

● Collection Management

● Risk Management

● Stock Management

● Salesperson Management

● Dynamic Reports

● Responsive Design

● IOS / Android Application

It has an advanced B2B system. Please contact for more detailed information.


● Retail Sales

● Cash / Visa Collection

● Multiple store management

● Count

● Order

You can manage your store in many different places under a single system. Call for detailed information.


● Shelf Management

● Goods acceptance

● Count

● Shipment

Thanks to the software used on Android devices, all operations in the warehouse can be done independently from ERP.


You can independently create many reports of your own in the format you want. You can set the permissions of the reports you create on a user basis.


Thanks to your backup assistant, all backups of the program are created and followed by us for you. In this way, backup tracking, which is the most troublesome operation, is carried out by us.


You can integrate windows forms that you have developed with any .NET programming language into the program. In this way, you can make screens in the design you want.