Network Hizmetleri



The structure that they are created among themselves in order to exchange data or send files between more than one computer is called a Network. In addition to allowing users to communicate among themselves in a comfortable and inexpensive way, it also provides the opportunity to collectively use the printer or scanner connected to their computers. Thus, the operation of the company continues actively and quickly without slowing down. Among the Network Topology classified as WAN, LAN and MAN, the most widely used type is the LAN Network, which has the fastest network structure today.

Network Security

Network Security has become very important in order to prevent attacks made by malicious people to steal, copy, damage and prevent information systems over information systems. You can create a secure network by using anti-virus programs and various software produced based on this situation. At the same time, you can get support from companies providing services in this regard and ensure that data is stored securely in different environments.

Network Setup

Network Setup, which is created in order to share data and files between one or more computers, provides many conveniences by doing it correctly and systematically. The cheapest and more advantageous installation method is the wired one. Thus, apart from creating a proper and correct network environment by means of Ethernet cables, it prevents you from encountering different problems that can be experienced in other methods.

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