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Facebook Lead Integration


Make the integration of your potential customer ads on Facebook within 5 minutes.

Social media messages


Integration with all your messages from Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM!



You can also integrate Bitrix24 with WhatsApp, and record all instant correspondence and past conversations.

(Subject to additional fee.)


Auto your business processes!
Automatic search planning, e-mail planning, reminders, documents, offers and more ...

Always for better ...

VRTeknoloji is the technology partner of your company that produces special solutions for your company, always conducts continuous research and development for the better and more quality.

While making Facebook Lead integration, you can distribute the data to different users, while at the same time you can assign user assignments according to the language of the forms according to their language.
After connecting your social media accounts (Facebook, instagram) with Bitrix24, you can respond instantly to all messages.

In addition, if the user who meets the incoming messages is not knowledgeable about the subject, he may convey the interview to the user who will be interested in the subject, include it in this post, or remain an observer.
With our package, including human resources, you can get the report of your staff's starting work, exit and break hours.
In addition, you can also check the time spent on your staff, observer appointment, participant adding, time planning and time spent on this task, and you can get a productivity report according to your staff.

Of course, you can also check the details of the stage of the customers in which your personnel are interested in and which stage passes through.

The list of tasks that your staff will do, the list of meetings and the visit plans, that is, the company calendar is also under your control.
Let's think of a scenario!
Social media integration has been made and assigned to users according to the languages, users have contacted with customers with e-mail or WhatsApp, and now you have reached a call point on the phone, you can call directly through Bitrix24.

In addition, all sound recordings will be saved, and you can listen to them.

(Also has a number rental for different countries through Bitrix24)

You can use Fully Integrated WhatsApp with Bitrix24!
You can contact your staff directly through WhatsApp, provide all interviews and check them through Data.

You can also send automatic messages such as login message and reminder message to your customers with our automations.

(Subject to additional fee.)


Get messages from your customers directly at Bitrix24 by connecting your social media accounts and messaging applications. Each chat can be automatically converted into an agreement and the message history is saved on CRM.

Tasks and Projects

Follow all the works that walk within your company with your duty and project management!


Connect your phone to Bitrix24 CRM, save all incoming calls and add to your CRM as a new agreement.


Connect your email to Bitrix24 CRM. All e-mails from new customers are automatically recorded as agreements, while e-mails from your existing customers are added to the relevant agreements.


Collect your customers' requests on your website and have this information to be added to your CRM.

Document Templates

Doğrudan bir CRM anlaşmasından faturalar, fiyat teklifleri, sevkiyat beyanları ve diğer belgeleri oluşturun. Varsayılan şablonlarımızı kullanın veya kendinizinkini yükleyin


Create invoices, price offers, shipment declarations and other documents directly from a CRM agreement. Use our default templates or install your own


Enable file synchronization between your team members and departments to ensure that everyone has the latest versions of files.

Storage Integration

Integrate Bitrix24 with One Drive Google Drive, Dropbox and Box


Information of your customers by using features such as collective e-mail, sms, automatic voice search

Marketing with CRM segments

Create a customer segment in Bitrix24 and publish ads that target this segment directly.


Cooperate in a single online work area, communicate and share information; Just like you do on social media. It is extremely easy and intuitive, and it does not require any training.

All the solutions you are looking for are in one package!

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