The firewall, which we can also define as a digital firewall; It is a network security system that controls incoming and outgoing data packets to and from the network, based on software and hardware, within the framework of certain rules. Depending on the filter it uses while controlling the network, it always passes the internet traffic through controls such as IP filtering, port filtering, web filtering, content filtering.

Most operating systems today use their own software-based firewall system. At the same time, routers that transfer data between networks also have their own firewall systems. Although the widespread use of the Internet and computers is a fairly new situation, firewall security systems are a technology that emerged in the 1980s.


Firewall network security systems, which work as hardware or software bases, examine incoming and outgoing data packets to the network with a predetermined filter. The main purpose is to prevent possible attacks by filtering data packets from unsafe sources.

Firewall network security systems are located on ports where data is shared over the network with external devices. "Source address is allowed to reach destination over port 22." The definition most accurately describes the work these digital firewalls do.