What is NAS?

NAS system is a network attached storage device that enables data to be stored and retrieved in a central location for authorized users and different customers. NAS systems are flexible and scale-out devices, meaning you can add new devices to what you already have as you need additional storage. NAS is like having a private cloud in the office. NAS is faster, costs less, and offers all the benefits of a public cloud setup in the workplace, putting everything under your control.


What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's infrastructure and cloud application development platform. This platform, on the other hand, enables the development of various internet applications that work with the internet and can keep their data on the Microsoft Data Center. If we wish, we can keep the data of this developed application within our own institution and make it work on the cloud.

What Does Microsoft Azure Do?

You can use the cloud platform you have acquired from Microsoft Azure as you wish in line with your own needs. The cloud platform can serve you as hosting web servers, creating email server, database server, file storage server, virtual machines, user directories, web apps, mobile apps or any other service you want. You can use the cloud platform you have purchased privately for your own purposes only as a Private Cloud, or you can use it openly for all users.

How to Use Microsoft Azure?

You can use the cloud platform service offered by Microsoft Azure for hundreds of different services. You can use Microsoft Azure for fully functional virtual machines, databases, storage, backup, websites, web applications or mobile applications. When you take a look at the service areas offered by Azure via the link above, you will see that you can practically turn almost anything you want into reality with the Microsoft Azure service. It has to be admitted that the Azure cloud platform, which you can customize according to your needs, is not an easy option. For example, if you need a server to host a website, after you start using Azure, you will need to set up your Windows or Linux server and get the system ready. If you want to use it for a different purpose, you may still need to optimize it for your purpose.