VR Teknoloji Consulting services are provided within the scope of determining the technological infrastructure and information technology solutions that will match the needs of the enterprises in order to improve the working principle, supplying the hardware and software components by defining the appropriate solutions, executing and finalizing the implementation and commissioning processes of the systems in accordance with international standards.

                                                                               ➤ Examining the business on the basis of its fields of activity, determining the necessary IT investments by making the existing hardware and software inventory.

                                                                                 The changes and innovations that need to be made are compatible with the structure of the existing systems.

                                                                                 Establishing teams to support IT projects, appointing the project leader and providing project management training.

                                                                               ➤  Making plans to secure data and software, considering that systems will become partially or completely inoperable for any reason.

                                                                               ➤  The works on the systems; determining the security measures to be taken to prevent data loss, virus or damage by anyone.

                                                                               ➤  Controlling the licenses of the software and developing license policies suitable for the company structure.

                                                                               ➤  Establishing management policies to achieve the expected performance from hardware and software configurations and to ensure continuity of performance.

                                                                               ➤  Establishing low-cost standards to manage the reliability and applicability of systems.